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How to Cancel iCloud Subscription

If you’re having trouble opting out from an iCloud+ plan, this article will walk you through how to cancel your iCloud Plus subscription on various platforms.

To guide you all through, we’ll cover iCloud+ subscription cancellation steps based on the following:

  • Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on Mac
  • Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on a Windows PC

Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Here are the steps to unsubscribe from an iCloud+ plan on an Apple Mobile Device:

  • Launch your Settings app
  • Tap on your name and then iCloud
  • Tap on Manage Account Storage or Manage Storage
Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on an iPhone
  • Tap Change Storage Plan, which is under the Share With Family button
  • Tap on Downgrade Options towards the end of the page, and input your Apple ID password
  • Select the free 5GB plan or choose None to unsubscribe from your iCloud+ plan
  • Tap Done to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on Mac

Follow the instructions below to unsubscribe from iCloud+ using a MacBook signed in to your Apple ID.

  • Go to your Apple Menu and select System Settings or System Preferences, depending on your Mac OS.
  • Click on Apple ID and then iCloud
  • Click Manage
Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on Mac
  • Click on Change Storage Plan
  • Click Downgrade Options (You may need to type your Apple ID password.) Afterward, click Manage.
Unsubscribe from iCloud Plus on Mac 2
  • Choose either the free 5GB plan or the None option.
  • Click on Done.

Cancel iCloud Plus Subscription on a Windows PC

To opt out of your iCloud+ plan using your Windows laptop or desktop computer, you’ll have to undertake the following steps one after the other.

  • Launch the iCloud software for Windows
  • Click on Storage and then the Change Storage Plan option
Unsubscribe from iCloud Plus on Windows
  • Click Downgrade Options
  • Input your Apple ID password, and click on Manage
  • Opt for either the free 5GB plan or click None
  • Click Done to conclude the cancellation process.

Can You Cancel an iCloud Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from your current iCloud+ Plan anytime on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, or Windows computer. Note that the device must be signed in with the Apple ID that has an active iCloud Plus plan.

Most importantly, iCloud+ cancellations do not reflect changes instantly, as you can still enjoy the premium features until your current subscription expires.

What Happens When I Cancel iCloud Subscription?

Before you proceed with the subscription cancellation steps, first know what to expect when you unsubscribe from your plan, which is as follows:

  • iCloud won’t sync or update your information if the files in your iCloud storage are over 5GB. Ultimately, your iCloud storage will reduce.

However, it would be best to back up or delete files that limit your new iCloud storage to 5GB before canceling your subscription.

  • You will lose access to iCloud Plus features such as Custom Email Domain, HomeKit Secure Video support, Private Relay, and Hide My Email.

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