How to get refund on Steam

How to Get Refund on Steam

Are you curious about getting your money back after buying games on Steam? You’re likely eligible for a refund, provided your request was within 14 days of the purchase date, and you have played the video game for less than two hours. In this article, we will show you how to get a refund on Steam (with screenshots).

Refunds are available for all game titles on Steam based on a set of refund rules. So there’s always an option.

7 Steps to Get a Refund on Steam

Follow the instructions below to ask for a purchase return on Steam:

How to get refund on Steam step 2
  • Look for the purchase you want to refund and click/tap on it (If you can’t find it on the list, it simply means it does not qualify for a refund.)
  • From the options, choose one that best suits your situation.
How to get refund on Steam step 4
  • Tap or click on I’d like to request a refund
How to get refund on Steam step 5
  • Complete the request form and submit it
  • Click/tap on the drop-down menu to choose the initial payment method or Steam Wallet (Once successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email and get the refund within three days.)

How Long Do Steam Refunds Take? 

Steam typically approves refunds within three days but can take up to seven days to send the funds to your account.

Can You Get a Steam Refund After 2 Hours of Gameplay?

No, you are not eligible for purchase refunds on Steam if you have played the game for over 2 hours. However, you can request refunds for multiple purchases on Steam, provided your gameplay hasn’t exceeded two hours. Most importantly, only request a refund within two weeks of purchase.

Is Steam Refund Instant?

No, Steam does not issue instant refunds. It will take up to 7 days for an approved refund to reflect in your bank account. However, refunds via foreign payment methods may take more than a week.

If you didn’t receive your refund within the expected time, contact your bank to inquire about pending refunds.

Can You Rebuy a Steam Game After Refunding It?

Yes, you can repurchase a game on Steam after getting a refund for the same game. When you rebuy the game, you’ll have just one hour to play the game before you become ineligible for a refund.

What Happens to Steam Games After a Refund?

After receiving a refund for a game bought on Steam, you’ll no longer find the game in your library except if you repurchase.

So be sure you want your money back before requesting a refund.

How Many Refunds Does Steam Allow?

There’s no limit to the number of times you can request refunds for games on Steam. Hence, you can submit a couple of refund requests only if you qualify for each game’s returns criteria.

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