How to get a refund on Uniqlo

How to Get a Refund on Uniqlo

Puzzled about what to do when UNIQLO delivers fashion items that don’t fit or have a defect? This article will show you how to get a refund on UNIQLO in any of these cases. Hence, you can quickly get your money back for product(s) bought that you no longer want in your order.

UNIQLO accepts return and refund requests, provided you initiate the process within 30 days from the purchase date. While most products are returnable to UNIQLO, innerwear, and packaged items do not qualify for returns due to hygiene reasons.

Here’s how to return an item to UNIQLO and request a refund on a PC, phone, or tablet:

  • Complete the return form.
  • Package the item(s) in a box or pouch, ensuring that you include the return form in the parcel.
  • Ship the package back to UNIQLO’s warehouse using your preferred courier service, provided the company has a tracking system. Note that the return shipping fee is on you. (You will find the warehouse address on the return form.)
  • Once the package arrives at the warehouse, it will be verified.
  • Your money will be sent back to your original payment method, which is usually notified via email.

If you paid for the order with cash or using a virtual account, UNIQLO’s Customer Support will contact you via email. They will request you to fill in a form with your bank account details and registered email address.

How Long Does It Take UNIQLO to Process Refunds?

UNIQLO often takes three to five business days to process refunds. You’ll receive the total cost of the item(s) within this period, excluding the shipping fee you initially paid.

Does UNIQLO Pay for Returns?

No, UNIQLO will not pay your shipping fee when you return an item(s) in your order. However, $7 will be deducted from your refund as your return label fee. It covers your return shipping fee and is payable once per order.

Multiple items are returnable in the same package, provided you include their respective return forms.

Does UNIQLO Accept Online Returns?

Yes, you can submit an online request to UNIQLO that you want to return damaged or defective item(s) in your order. Your request will be processed, and you’ll get your money back within 30 days.

Be aware that each item you want to return must be in the condition received without removing any of its tags.

Will You Get a Refund If You Cancel a UNIQLO Order?

Yes, you will get your money back from UNIQLO if you cancel an order. Once your order cancellation request is successful, you’ll receive your refund between 7 to 14 working days.

If you couldn’t cancel your order within 30 minutes of its placement, you may qualify for a refund after receiving your order. You can return them using any courier company with a real-time tracking system.

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