How to Get a Refund on Shopee

Need help getting your money back from Shopee after receiving delivery of defective, counterfeit, or faulty product(s)? This article will show you how to get a refund on Shopee without hassles. Surprisingly, Shopee accepts returns of various products, including those that don’t match the description or have physical damage.

Take the following steps to submit a return/refund request to Shopee:

  • Launch the Shopee mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap on the Me tab and select To Receive under My Purchases.
How to get a refund on Shopee step 2
  • Select Order > Select Return/Refund.
  • Choose a reason for your request.
  • Select the product(s), and tap on Next.
  • Tap on Reason > Select return/refund reason.
  • Select Confirm, and then provide the required information (if applicable)
  • Tap on Submit to finalize your request.

Be aware that processing your request will take at most five working days. Once processed, you’ll be notified of its outcome via email or push notification on the app.

How Long Does It Take For Shopee To Refund?

Shopee typically takes 7 to 14 working days to issue full refunds, varying depending on your card issuer. If you’re requesting a partial refund, you’ll get your money back in your ShopeePay account within 24 hours.

Can a Shopee Seller Refuse to Refund?

Yes, Shopee only approves return/refund requests and does not decide for sellers on how they treat such requests. The seller can either accept or refuse your request. If there’s a dispute, Shopee will investigate it within seven to nine working days.

What Happens If I Didn’t Get My Refund From Shopee?

You’d have to contact Shopee Customer Service if you could not get your money back after receiving a dissatisfied order. Be aware that you’ll have to provide your Transaction ID.

How Do I Know If I Have a Refund on Shopee?

The Shopee app will show a notification once your refund has been processed. You’ll also be notified in your email. If your refund will be credited to ShopeePay, you must set it up already or be given a 72-hour deadline.

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