How to get a refund on ExpressVPN

How to Get a Refund on ExpressVPN

Due to ExpressVPN’s money-back guarantee, you can get your money back after subscribing to a plan but dissatisfied with its speed and security. In this article, you’ll understand how to get a refund on ExpressVPN via your original payment method. With this guide, you can get a full refund when you cancel your subscription to the ExpressVPN app.

Getting your money back from ExpressVPN is more straightforward than other mobile app subscriptions. You only need to contact its support team via email at or the live chat widget on its website. Regardless of when you make the request, you’ll have someone to attend to you, as its customer service staff are available 24/7.

How to get a refund on ExpressVPN

Does ExpressVPN Charge a Cancellation Fee from your Refund?

No, ExpressVPN issues full refunds only and will not deduct a cancellation fee from your money when you unsubscribe. The most exciting part is that ExpressVPN allows you to cancel your subscription anytime, regardless of why you want to end it.

If ExpressVPN is unable to process your refunds, it could be because you subscribed through a third party like iTunes or Play Store. In this case, you’ll have to contact Apple Support or learn about refunds on Google Play.

How Long Does ExpressVPN Take to Issue a Refund?

ExpressVPN usually takes up to seven business days to issue refunds when you cancel your subscription. But if you made your subscription payment via PayPal, you may get your refund within 24 hours.

Why Can’t I Get a Refund from ExpressVPN?

Getting a refund from ExpressVPN is more difficult if you unsubscribe after the 30-day money-back guarantee period. However, you can still get a refund after this period if you can prove that ExpressVPN didn’t work during the guarantee period. You also have to prove your inability to reach its customer support team.

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