How to get a refund from Apple

How to Get a Refund from Apple

If you forgot to cancel a subscription on your Apple device and it just renewed automatically, you may request your money back! This article will show you how to get a refund from Apple, whether you use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

Most apps on these devices qualify for Apple refunds. You can also get your money back after paying for specific content, such as books, music, and more. However, refund eligibility might vary depending on your country or region.

4 Steps to Get a Refund from Apple

To request a refund for a content or app subscription on an Apple device, follow the instructions below without exceptions.

Get a refund from Apple step 1
  • Click or tap on “I’d like to,” and select the “Request a refund” option
Get a refund from Apple step 2
  • Tap or click the reason why you’re requesting Apple refunds, and then select Next
  • Indicate the app, content, and other items you seek its refunds, and then tap/click on Submit to finalize the steps.

If you’ve been able to request a refund from Apple, you can know your refund request status via Apple Support. But if otherwise, it could be because;

  • You have a pending charge, so you’ll have to wait until it goes through before asking for a refund again.
  • You haven’t paid for your order on the Apple App Store or via Apple, making it necessary that you pay for it before requesting a refund. Alternatively, you can change or update your payment information for Apple ID.
  • You are the organizer of your family members’ purchases. To discover this, open the Settings app on your device, tap on Apple ID, and then choose all. Afterward, you’ll see all subscriptions charged to your shared payment method and can collaboratively request refunds.

Supposing you are still experiencing challenges getting your app subscription refunds, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Also, check out how to cancel Apple subscriptions, so you won’t have to go through the hassles of requesting a refund.

How Long Does Apple Take to Refund?

Apple typically takes up to 48 hours to process refunds for paid apps and subscriptions. Once successful, the money will reflect in the same payment method used.

Note that your account statement might not show the refund until 60 days. Besides, your carrier may slightly delay the refund processing time.

Does Apple Give Refunds Easily?

Yes, Apple takes only 48 hours to approve refund requests from Apple device users looking to cancel their subscriptions. The steps in requesting Apple refunds are straightforward and breezy.

Can Apple Reverse a Refund?

No, Apple does not reverse its refund decision after you’ve initially requested your money back. That means you also can’t cancel your Apple refund request.

If you feel you shouldn’t have requested a refund, you’ll need to resubscribe or make another payment for the app or content.

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