How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription

Have you achieved your fitness goals as a Planet Fitness member? Or do you want to stay off the gym for some time? If so, this article will diversely explore how to cancel Planet Fitness subscription, regardless of your home club’s location.

The cancellation process for Planet Fitness membership varies from club to club. However, you can end your membership in person or via mail.

To ensure you are successful in canceling your membership with your home club, we will cover the following aspects:

  • Cancel Planet Fitness subscription in person
  • Cancel Planet Fitness subscription via mail
  • Cancel Planet Fitness subscription online

Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription in Person

If you prefer to end your membership with Planet Fitness in person, you have to visit your home club for such kind of request. However, in-person cancellations are only available in some locations.

Confirming your eligibility to cancel your Planet Fitness membership in person is necessary before anything else. You can then complete the cancellation form.

Ensure you submit the filled-out form to your home club at least 7 working days before your membership expires. If your subscription is to a yearly plan, you must request the cancellation on the 25th day of the month before your next billing date.

Moreover, you will have to pay a buyout fee of $58 if you wish to end your membership subscription prior to the end of your contract term.

Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription via Mail

To cancel your membership with Planet Fitness via postal service, you must send a written notification to your home club to request a cancellation. The written notice is a letter that justifies your reason for cancellation.

Make sure it bears your name, membership ID, residential address, and phone number. Also, address it to your home club via Certified Mail.

How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription via mail

It’s as simple as that, and Planet Fitness will instantly begin processing your request.

Be aware that the cancellation will not reflect instantly.

Cancel Planet Fitness Subscription Online

Depending on your membership type and home club location, you may have the chance to end your membership online.

How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription online

Contact your home club or PF’s Member Services department to learn more about the online process.

How Do I End My Planet Fitness Membership on the App?

Planet Fitness mobile app does not have the option to enable you to end your membership right on the app. So you have to either go online, visit your home club in person, or send a mail.

Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee Refundable?

No, the yearly membership fee to Planet Fitness is non-refundable when paid. That makes it essential for you to unsubscribe from your membership at least 5 weeks ahead of your subscription’s expiry date.

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Following the aforementioned instructions will enable you to cancel your subscription with fewer chances of encountering any issues.

If this article meets your expectations and you have successfully unsubscribed from your membership, kindly share this blog post with your followers and friends on various social media platforms.

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