How to Cancel ESPN Plus

How to Cancel ESPN Plus

In this article, we’ll provide all your informational needs regarding how to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription (with screenshots). ESPN+, as you already know, is a prepaid video streaming service with more than 25.3 million users. While most of its users subscribe monthly even without using the service, others would rather unsubscribe to save some bucks.

You can unsubscribe from ESPN Plus anytime but cannot do it right on the app. The process requires you to log in to your account on an internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

The steps you’d have to take to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription vary depending on how you subscribed to the service, as noted below:

  • Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Directly
  • Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Through a Third Party
  • Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Through Roku

Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Directly

If you directly paid ESPN+ for your monthly subscription, you can unsubscribe from the service by taking the following steps.

  • Visit ESPN Plus website and log in to your account
  • Click/tap on your Profile photo in the top-right corner of your screen
  • Check under the Manage My Subscriptions section and click or tap on ESPN+ Subscriptions
  • Then tap or click on Manage Subscription
  • Click or tap on Cancel Subscription
  • Click or tap on the Cancel Now button on-screen

Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Through a Third-party

To unsubscribe from ESPN+ through a third party, you’ll have to contact your billing partner to initiate the cancellation process.

To know your billing partner, navigate to your ESPN Plus Account Page in the Subscriptions section. On your account page, you’ll see who your billing partner is and the website to visit for your request.

If you still can’t cancel your subscription following these steps, contact ESPN+ Help Center for further assistance. Alternatively, call +1 (800) 727-1800 or email

Cancel ESPN Plus Through Roku

If you subscribed to ESPN+ via your Roku account, you can unsubscribe by following the instructions below:

How to cancel ESPN Plus 1
  • Navigate to your Roku account page
  • Click or tap on Manage Your Subscriptions
How to cancel ESPN Plus 2
  • Tap or click on Cancel subscription next to ESPN+.

Restart ESPN Plus Account After Canceling

Restarting your ESPN Plus account is pretty easy when you’ve initially unsubscribed from the service. You only need to log in to your ESPN+ account using the details of the canceled account.

Then, follow the further instructions to restart your subscription successfully.

Will I Get a Refund After Canceling My ESPN Plus Subscription?

No, the refund policy of ESPN Plus does not allow you to get refunds for the remaining period of your canceled subscription until your next billing date. However, you can still access the service till that date.

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