How to cancel Apple Music subscription

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Do you know you can still listen to your playlists on Apple Music even without a subscription? This article will show you how to cancel your Apple Music subscription after downloading your favorite songs and videos. In fact, you won’t have to contact Apple Support to help with the cancellation process.

To help you unsubscribe on any platform, we’ll give a stepwise guide on the following:

  • Cancel your Apple Music subscription on your web browser
  • Cancel your Apple Music subscription on an Apple device
  • Cancel your Apple Music right on Android App

Cancel your Apple Music Subscription on your Web Browser

To unsubscribe from YouTube Music on an internet-enabled computer, phone, or tablet, follow the instructions below one step at a time.

How to cancel Apple Music subscription 1
  • Click or tap on the Account icon and select Settings
  • Navigate to Subscriptions and click or tap on Manage
  • Then tap or click the Cancel Subscription button
  • Click or tap the Confirm button to finalize the cancellation process
Confirm cancellation on Apple Music website

If you are still unable to unsubscribe from Apple Music on your device, contact Apple Support.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription from an Apple Device Settings

Here are the steps in canceling your Apple Music subscription from your iPad or iPhone’s Settings.

  • Open your Apple device’s Settings
  • Tap on the Apple ID section, as shown in the screenshot below
  • Tap Subscriptions
How to cancel Apple Music subscription 3
  • Find Apple Music in the list of your active subscriptions and tap on it
  • Then tap the Cancel Subscription button to unsubscribe from YouTube Music
How to cancel Apple Music subscription 2

Cancel Apple Music Right on Android App

If you have the Apple Music app installed on an Android device, you can unsubscribe via the following steps.

  • Launch Apple Music App on your Android device.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen and then the Manage Subscriptions button.
  • In the available plans options, tap Cancel Subscription.

Can I Cancel My Apple Music Subscription Immediately?

If you live in Israel, Turkey, South Africa, or Germany, you can unsubscribe from your Apple Music subscription immediately and get a pro-rata refund.

To do this, reach out to Apple Support for further assistance.

Is Apple Music Hard To Cancel?

No, canceling an Apple Music subscription is not challenging, and you can do it right on the app or your web browser. It takes only a few taps or clicks to unsubscribe from the service.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Apple Music Free Trial?

If you are using Apple Music on a free trial, you may find it hard to unsubscribe from Apple Music, as you don’t have a prepaid plan. Hence, you only have to turn off Automatic Renewal, so your payment card won’t be charged after the free trial period.

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It all seems easy right? Canceling your subscriptions shouldn’t give you a hard time, and our articles simplify the entire steps. So unsubscribe and save some bucks for the times you are busy, broke, or disinterested in music.

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