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How to Cancel Twitch Subscription

In this article, you’ll learn how to cancel your Twitch subscription on various platforms and devices. The steps to unsubscribe from Twitch TV differ depending on how you started your subscription. Most importantly, you’ll have to cancel your subscription via the same platform you used to subscribe to the service.

To walk you through the cancellation process, we’ll detail the steps based on the following:

  • Cancel Twitch Subscription on the Web
  • Cancel Twitch Subscription on an iPhone or iPad
  • Cancel Twitch Subscription on an Android Phone or Tablet
  • Cancel Twitch Turbo Subscription

Cancel Twitch Subscription on the Web

Follow the instructions below to unsubscribe from Twitch TV using your PC, phone, or tablet’s web browser.

  • Go to the Subscriptions Management Page
  • Locate Twitch among the listed subscriptions and tap/click the cog at the top-right corner.
  • Tap or click on Don’t Renew Subscription
cancel Twitch subscription on the web
  • Select one out of the cancellation reasons on your screen
  • Click or tap the Don’t Renew Subscription to conclude the cancellation process.
cancel Twitch subscription on the web 2

Cancel Twitch Subscription on an iPhone or iPad

You can unsubscribe from Twitch TV from your Apple App Store or Settings spp.

If you choose to cancel from your device’s Settings app, you’ll have to take the following steps one after the other.

  • Launch Settings on your device
  • Tap on your name
  • Tap on Subscriptions
  • Find Twitch under your Active subscriptions and tap on it (You may need to scroll down if your active subscriptions are many.)
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Twitch Subscription on an Android Phone or Tablet

If you used an Android device to subscribe to Twitch TV for the first time, you must unsubscribe via the same platform. That means you must cancel your subscription through the Google Play website or on your Play Store app.

Here’s how to unsubscribe from Twitch TV via Google Play Store.

  • Launch your Play Store app.
  • Tap your profile photo at the top-right
  • Then tap Payments and subscriptions
  • Tap on Subscriptions
  • Select Twitch in the list
  • Tap the Cancel subscription button to unsubscribe.

Cancel Twitch Turbo Subscription

To unsubscribe from Twitch Turbo, navigate to Subscription Management. Right on that page, you’ll find the option to cancel your Turbo subscription.

Where Do I Manage My Twitch Subscriptions?

You can manage your Twitch TV subscription by visiting It will require you to log in to Twitch.

After canceling your TV subscription, you’ll see a notification that states “Sub End Date.” This date is when you’ll stop enjoying your subscription benefits.

Can You Get A Refund on Twitch Subscription?

Yes, Twitch may refund your subscription fees based on its discretion. However, it will first examine your account to check for historical refund requests, as well as the actions taken for each request.

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