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How to Cancel Tinder Subscription

If you no longer need Tinder’s premium features or want to cut down your budget for app subscriptions, this article will enlighten you on how to cancel your Tinder subscription.

Since Tinder does not refund auto-renewed subscription fees or partially used subs, endeavor to unsubscribe quickly before your next billing date. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the premium features for the remaining days of your subscription.

The steps you’re required to take to unsubscribe from Tinder depend on how you initially subscribed. Read on as we guide you through the process based on the following:

  • Cancel Tinder Subscription on the Web
  • Cancel Tinder Subscription on an iPhone or iPad
  • Cancel Tinder Subscription on an Android Phone or Tablet

Cancel Tinder Subscription on the Web

Here’s how to unsubscribe if your order number starts with TNDR, i.e., you paid for your subscription on Tinder’s website or via the direct credit card payment option on the Tinder Android app.

  • Visit and log in to your account
  • Click or tap on the profile icon
  • Tap or click on Manage Payment Account
cancel Tinder subscription on Android
  • Click/tap Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Tinder Subscription on an iPhone or iPad

If you’re billed by Apple, or your order number begins with MK, you must cancel your subscription from your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app.

To unsubscribe from Tinder on an iOS mobile device, follow the instructions below, one after the other.

  • Launch Settings on your Apple device
  • Tap your name
  • Tap Subscriptions
  • Look for Tinder in the “ACTIVE” section of your subscriptions and tap on it.
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription button.
cancel Tinder subscription on iPhone or iPad

Cancel Tinder Subscription on an Android Phone or Tablet

If you check your Tinder order number and realize that it begins with the word “GPA”, it implies that your subscription is billed through your Play Store app or you subscribed via the Tinder app for Android.

In that case, you’ll have to take the steps below to unsubscribe from Tinder.

  • Launch your Play Store app, ensuring you’re signed into the Google account with the Tinder subscription.
  • Tap the profile icon at the top-right corner (It will display your photo if you have already set a profile picture in your Google account.)
  • Tap Payments & subscriptions
  • Tap Subscriptions
  • Identify Tinder in the subscriptions list and tap on it
  • Tap Cancel subscription.

Another easy way to unsubscribe from Tinder as an Android mobile device user is as follows.

  • Log on to on your device’s web browser (It will take you to the Payments & subscriptions page.)
  • Locate Tinder among the subscriptions on the list.
cancel Tinder on the subscriptions page on Play Store
  • Tap on Cancel subscription and follow the prompts on your screen to confirm your request.

The above steps also apply if you use a direct credit card or PayPal to subscribe to Tinder.

Will Deleting My Tinder Account Cancel My Subscription?

No, uninstalling your Tinder app or deleting your account will not unsubscribe you from its premium features. That means your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it.

Ensure you cancel your Tinder subscription before its expected renewal date to prevent recurring payments, which are non-refundable.

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